Think outside the box

This was the design brief that inspired our engineers to go beyond the conventional, to push the boundaries and to challenge the status quo. The result, a refrigerator that is as individual as you are. Able to adapt to the lifestyle you lead, the foods you love and the way you like to cook and entertain. The Mitsubishi Electric WX is a Flagship Multi Drawer Refrigerator that will take centre stage in your kitchen for years to come.

At the heart of our WX range is our unique Multi Drawer Refrigeration concept. Different foods require different temperatures for ultimate freshness and longevity. Dedicated drawers provide separate temperature controlled zones that are specifically designed so you can accommodate all types of foods at their ideal temperature, so they will stay fresher for longer.

Temperature control at your fingertips

Scroll through the different compartments to see how you can make the most out of your food.

Features and Benefits

Energy Star Mark

The WX achieves a 3.5 star energy rating and has been awarded the Energy Star Mark, the highest efficiency award for a product of its kind in this category.

Neuro Inverter Technology

The use of inverter technology means this fridge is one of the most efficient and quietest in its size class in New Zealand. The WX memorises your usage patterns and seamlessly adapts its power levels for unparalleled energy efficiency. This means it will run on minimal power overnight, for example, for more energy savings.

Quietest in their class

WX Refrigerators are some of the quietest in their class at only 15dBA. This makes them ideal for open plan living.

LED Touch Panel

The WX model features an easy to use LED touch panel with a range of functions and settings to choose from.

Large Capacity, Slim Design

With the WX Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric features its most advanced insulation yet. The ‘Vacuum Insulation Panels’, or ‘VIP’ is thinner and 10x more efficient than conventional insulation. The result is a larger internal capacity for maximum food storage space while maintaining smaller external dimensions for a slim, sleek design.

Information and settings

Make the most of your multi drawers. Learn how to set different temperatures and enable different modes for ultimate customisation.